If you own a work which you believe to be by William Scott RA please contact the William Scott Foundation providing as much information as you have, including photographs of the work (front and back). Generally speaking, we will not authenticate on the basis of photographs alone, but will advise further on a case by case basis.

For unrecorded works, all questions of authenticity are decided by members of the William Scott Authentication Committee and their opinion is always based on first-hand examination of the work or works. Evidence of provenance is also taken into account. The fee charged for an opinion is £500 per work payable in advance. In the event of a negative opinion the fee is not refundable. It is therefore up to the owner to decide whether or not it is worth their while submitting their work or works to the committee.

Please note that the William Scott Foundation does not provide valuations of works.

For further information please email: or telephone the William Scott Archive on +44 (0)20 7352 2244 (Monday – Thursday, 9am to 5pm).