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It is estimated that 700,000 people in the UK have some form of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease being the most common cause. The progression of the dementia can be very slow with many people able to contribute to society for some time after their original diagnosis. However, the end result is often the same, people will experience severe memory loss, lose the ability to walk, to wash and even feed themselves.

There is no cure at present for these devastating diseases, meaning 1 in 3 older people will end their lives with dementia.

Dementia affects everyone in a family and community. As the population ages, we expect to see even more people having to face the issues and problems of living with this distressing illness.

William Scott suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in the last years of his life. It is for this reason that the William Scott Foundation donates all royalties, reproduction and other fees to the Alzheimer’s Society and is funding an important research project into finding effective therapies including the body’s own mechanisms for repair.

In supporting this vastly under-funded area, the William Scott Foundation helps take us closer to developing a treatment, if not a cure, for diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

All fees and image royalties received by the William Scott Foundation are donated directly to the Alzheimer research projects.

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Information for Scholars, students and collectors of the Fine Arts

“(William Scott) came to London at the age of 18, with the backing of a very small grant (…) to study at the Royal Academy Schools. The sum of 15 shillings a week secured him lodgings and full board in Chelsea, then an area “where anybody really poor” came to live. Not only has he lived in Chelsea for much of his life but, he says: “At that time it was the centre for artists and students. I moved around so frequently – we all did – that I must have lived in almost every street in Chelsea.”
Dec.1962, Anthony Lewis-Swift.

Scholars, students and collectors of the Fine Arts who live or study within the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea may be interested to know that they are likely to be within walking distance of the William Scott Foundation and Archive where research queries can be assisted, subject to security identification. This resource will be specifically useful to those who are interested in the development of 20th Century Modern British painting of which Scott was an integral part.

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