Archive Blog – February 2015

Introducing the William Scott Archive

L-R Robert, James, Mary and William Scott, 1954

Welcome to the William Scott Archive blog!

The William Scott Archive includes photographs, sketchbooks, diaries, letters, papers, artworks, objects and artefacts relating to the artist William Scott RA. It is a rich resource which reveals much, not only about Scott but also about his contemporaries and 20th century art in general.

The bulk of the archive was amassed by Scott’s wife, Mary, who had the foresight to sign up with a press cuttings agency as early as 1938. William and Mary’s sons, Robert and James, later became its custodians, and it is due to their dedication and generosity that the William Scott Archive exists today.

Much of the archive remains uncatalogued, however. As we undertake the lengthy process of sifting through this material we will, in our series of ‘Archive blogs’, endeavour to reveal what we are discovering as the cataloguing project unfolds.

We hope that you will enjoy following our progress in this – somewhat daunting – task! Do get in touch if there is any aspect of Scott’s life or work in which you are especially interested.

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