Archive Blog – June 2017

Berlin Blues series as shown at the Tate retrospective, 1972

Berlin Blues

In 1965, on his return to England after a year long residency in the German capital, William Scott embarked on a series of remarkable paintings to which he gave the name Berlin Blues; the title relates to the very particular blue pigment which Scott discovered whilst staying in the city.

Berlin Blues 2 at Scott’s home in Coleford. Photograph: © James Scott

Scott must have been pleased with the series of pictures. He chose to hang Berlin Blues 2 in a prominent position in his newly renovated home in Somerset (the work was later sold and is now in a private collection).

Scott decided upon Berlin Blues 2 as the design for a stamp when, in 1973, the Irish Department of Posts and Telegraphs invited him create a Contemporary Irish Art Stamp. The stamp was released in August 1973.