Prints of William Scott Works at Habitat

Bowl, Eggs and Lemons, 1950
September 2012

Habitat has launched an exclusive portfolio of art prints, including works by William Scott, selected by curator, Jenny Blyth.

The launch collection entitled Art Portfolio #1: The Alchemy of Line and Colour, includes works by three iconic British masters such as William Scott, and four contemporary artists at the forefront of the British contemporary art.

Exclusively British, The Alchemy of Line and Colour celebrates some of the best in talent from artists who have created a legacy of iconic images and inspiration to new emerging talent.

“The portfolio affords the wider public an opportunity to acquire beautiful prints by British contemporary artists that would not be otherwise available to them”, explains Blyth.

With a career spanning 20 years working in contemporary fine art including 12 years at The Saatchi Gallery curating notable exhibitions including artists who became known as the YBAs, Jenny Blyth was the perfect choice to spearhead this exciting new initiative.

“I was delighted to be approached by Habitat’s Creative Director Polly Dickens to curate this series”, says Blyth. “I suggested we launch the first Portfolio with iconic British contemporary artists. The selection process evolved organically, and the final selection includes British masters and contemporary artists at the forefront of British art. Each of the seven artists has a strong graphic sensibility to their work and a highly charged sense of colour creating images that is so much more than the distinctively simple lines and flat planes of colour from which they are composed.”

16 works are included in the portfolio with 100 limited edition prints of each. All works are framed in Habitat’s dark birch frames. Prints of Bowl, Eggs and Lemons, 1950 and Five Pears, 1976 are priced at £300 and Still Life with Brown with Black Note, 1969 is priced at £350.

The collection goes on sale in Habitat stores and online at in September 2012.