The Artists of St Ives

Black, Brown, Grey, 1960
3 – 30 July 2015

During the 1950s, with London still endeavouring to recover from the war, a group of painters gathered around the Cornish harbour town of St Ives and formed the nucleus of avant-garde art in Britain. Among them were some of the leading modern artists of their time who established links with artists from the emerging New York school of Abstract Expressionism including Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

It is with this group, together with Hepworth and Nicholson, that the term ‘St Ives School’ is particularly associated.

The forthcoming exhibition at Alan Wheatley Art will consist of a selection of paintings by the core artists of St Ives: Robert Adams, Alan Davie, Paul Feiler, Terry Frost, Patrick Heron, Roger Hilton, Peter Lanyon, Ben Nicholson, William Scott and Bryan Wynter.

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