St Ives: Connecting Circles

William Scott, Pale Linear Still Life, 1975
31 July – 31 October 2021

The small Cornish harbour town of St Ives has always attracted artists because of its exceptional light and dramatic surrounding countryside.

But in the mid-20th century, it became more than a seaside retreat. It became a centre for modern art.

Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson moved there at the outbreak of the Second World War. They were later joined by others including William Scott, Patrick Heron, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Terry Frost and Denis Mitchell.

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OF THE EARTH Contemporary Ceramics and Glass from The Fitzwilliam Museum

William Scott, Cornish Landscape, 1952
25 June – 10 October 2021

The Heong Gallery welcomes back visitors with an exhibition of exceptional contemporary ceramics and glass from The Fitzwilliam Museum. Since the early twentieth century, The Fitzwilliam Museum has built a reputation for European ceramics and glass. Since 1997, gifts from Nicholas and Judith Goodison through the National Art Collections Fund have expanded the contemporary collection considerably, creating the foundations of one of the best museum collections of contemporary ceramics, glass, and other applied arts in Britain. Continue reading “OF THE EARTH Contemporary Ceramics and Glass from The Fitzwilliam Museum”

J&J Rawlin at Cromwell Place

White Pan and Blue Bowl on Green, c.1975
17 – 30 May 2021

The Estate are excited to announce that we have been working in conjunction with J&J Rawlin; who will be holding a selling exhibition of William Scott R.A. works on paper, between 17th – 30th May 2021 at Cromwell Place in London, a new Arts hub.

Three White Forms on Orange, 1962 (left) and Black Pan on Grey, 1975 (right) at J&J Rawlin at Cromwell Place

They will be showing works on paper, direct from the Estate. There will be wonderful pieces that have not been exhibited in decades and some never before. This will be a great opportunity for those interested in the oeuvre of William Scott .

Booking a slot at Cromwell Place between 19th – 30th May can be done through this link.

J&J Rawlin @ Cromwell Place

Gallery 5
4 Cromwell Place


St Ives: Movements in Art and Life

Sennen, 1950
Sennen, 1950
1 August – 19 September 2020

The Royal West of England Academy are delighted to re-open with three exhibitions exploring the work of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and her peers. Visits will need to be pre-booked. They request that all visitors wear a mask in the galleries and preferably in their public spaces. 

Discover how in 1939 St Ives became a temporary home to some of Britain’s most forward-thinking abstract artists fleeing the dangers of the Second World War. Continue reading “St Ives: Movements in Art and Life”

St Ives: Movement in Art and Life video tour

Cornish Harbour, 1951
Cornish Harbour, 1951

The exhibition St Ives: Movement in Art and Life featuring William Scott’s Sennen, 1950 and Cornish Harbour, 1951 would have opened at the Royal West of England Academy in March.  However, due to the coronavirus closures it had to been postponed.

Supported by Arts Council England, the Royal West of England Academy has taken the opportunity to create a video tour of the exhibition, whilst closed to the public, which can be viewed below.

William Scott Event at the Anita Rogers Gallery

Black, Yellow and White Composition, 1953

Black, Yellow and White Composition
Oil on canvas
101.8 × 127.3 cm / 40 × 50 in

Undated, it was one of the paintings Scott showed at the São Paulo Bienal that opened in September 1953. Although there is always the possibility that it was painted in the winter of 1952, it seems more likely to date from the first half of 1953, a period when Scott was increasingly preoccupied with what he called ‘more linear forms of structure’ with ‘square forms that could be descendants of earlier pictures’.  Here, the black rectangular form with a thin white vertical strip is a straight descendant of the earlier tabletops with a coffee pot. Continue reading “William Scott Event at the Anita Rogers Gallery”

William Scott: Paintings and Drawings; Fifties Through Eighties

Blue East, 1964
16–21 December 2019

Anita Rogers Gallery is thrilled to present an exhibition of 1950’s – 1980’s paintings and drawings by British artist William Scott. The exhibition will be on view October 16 – December 21 at 15 Greene Street, Ground Floor in SoHo, New York. The gallery will host an opening reception on Wednesday, October 16, 6-8pm. Continue reading “William Scott: Paintings and Drawings; Fifties Through Eighties”

Four Giants of British Modernism: Frost, Heron, Lanyon, Scott

William Scott, An Orchard of Pears, 1976 or 1977
19 September – 19 October 2019

Beaux Arts London announce Four Giants of British Modernism, an exhibition of celebrated British modern artists: Terry Frost, William Scott, Peter Lanyon and Patrick Heron.

The exhibition will feature 5-6 works from each of the Post Second World War modernists, sourced from private collections.

Beaux Arts Gallery worked with the late artists Frost, Scott, Lanyon and Heron during their careers and this exhibition offers a retrospective of some of their greatest works created as they revolutionised British Art. Continue reading “Four Giants of British Modernism: Frost, Heron, Lanyon, Scott”

William Scott at Canvas and Paper

Black, Brown and White, 1958
Black, Brown and White, 1958
12 September – 1 December 2019

Located in the Ojai valley 75 miles northeast of Los Angeles in Southern California, canvas and paper is a non-profit exhibition space showing paintings and drawings from the 20th century and earlier in thematic and single artist exhibits.  Their current exhibition features three paintings by the Modern British artist William Scott, renowned for his still lifes.


Thursday — Sunday 12.00 — 5.00pm

canvas and paper

311 N. Montgomery Street
California 93023

Tel: +1 805 798 9301

Ann Dannatt Centenary Exhibition: Paintings and works on paper by George Dannatt & St Ives artists

10 – 20 September 2019

This September, to celebrate the centenary year of Ann Dannatt, Waterhouse & Dodd will display works from the George Dannatt Trust, a collection formed over the course of George and Ann’s 66 year marriage. The exhibition will feature George’s paintings alongside selected works by artists the Dannatt’s knew and collected, including Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Denis Mitchell, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost and John Wells.

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