Form – Colour – Space

White Bowl, Black Pan on Brown, 1970
10 November 2016 – 31 March 2017

‘The subject of my painting would appear to be the kitchen still-life, but in point of fact, my subject is the division on canvas of spaces, and relating one space or one shape to another.’  

William Scott, 1974

William Scott (1913-1989) was a British painter of international renown who, over the course of his career, which spanned six decades, produced an extraordinary body of work. Whether concerned with still-life, landscape or the female nude, he moved effortlessly between abstraction and figuration.

This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore Scott’s still-life practice, with works from private collections, some never exhibited before, shown alongside the Eton College lithograph White Bowl, Black Pan on Brown, 1970.

Works on show span the lifetime of this celebrated artist, and include paintings, drawings and prints, as well as affording a rare opportunity to see a number of the simple kitchen objects he used to explore form, colour and space.

On 27 January 2017 there will also be a ticketed evening screening of Every Picture Tells a Story.

The Verey Gallery is open to the students and staff of Eton College as well as the wider community, including schools and the general public.

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